Key Benefits

MOS Delivers Big Benefits

The numbers don’t lie. MOS improves results for
students, educators, job seekers, and employers.

MOS Boost in Florida

K-12 schools in Florida have embedded MOS and other certifications into their CAPE curriculum. CAPE is
the Career and Professional Education Act, which funds initiatives that provide Florida students with
cutting-edge training and earned industry certifications required for high-skill, high-wage jobs.


  • Excitement,
    Relevance, and

    "I wanted to get the
    students excited again,
    bring more relevance and
    credibility to our program,
    and revitalize the business
    education courses."

    Frank LaMantia
    Curriculum Director of CTE
    Illinois Community High
    School District 218

  • Thrive at the
    Next Level

    At Herbert W. Armstrong
    College in Edmond,
    Oklahoma, approximately
    203 students have passed
    a MOS exam over the
    course of five years. In
    2011, the small college
    saw its highest pass rate in
    history, when 100 percent
    of test takers passed the
    Microsoft Word exam and
    96 percent passed
    Microsoft Excel.

  • Gain the Competitive Edge

    Over the last few years,
    students of the Edison Job
    Corps Center in New
    Jersey have achieved 50 to
    60 Microsoft Office
    certifications per month
    on average. Many have
    also successfully
    integrated into the
    workforce when
    employment prospects
    previously seemed elusive.

  • College and Career Readiness

    "We are focused on
    college and career
    readiness, and one of the
    things we want our
    students to have when
    they leave our schools is
    the ability to be successful
    in college but also to be
    successful in the

    Tina Thomas
    Instruction Supervisor
    Queen Anne's County
    Public Schools

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MOS 2016: Better Than Ever

Easy to Administer

Certiport makes it easier than ever to get started with MOS and build a
successful program. We provide unparalleled support every step of the
way, helping minimize challenges so educators can focus on doing what
they do best—teaching and mentoring.

What if you found the key to productivity? It would set you on a course
toward prosperity and achieving more than you ever thought possible.

For students, employees, and employers, MOS is the key to productivity.
This research study, conducted in 2012, will show you why.

Discover the value of Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification.
Certified students and employees become more productive as their
proficiency in Microsoft Office increases.

And now, you hold the key.

Microsoft Office Specialist Productivity Study

83% of employees
use the knowledge
and skills gained
through certification
often or all the time.

99% of participants
boosted their
Microsoft Office
expertise by becoming
MOS certified.


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