Funding Options

Funding Options

MOS was already the gold standard in
certification exams. Now we've made it
even better.

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Educators can explore a variety of funding options: the Carl D. Perkins Act; federal and state grants; and non-traditional options.

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement Act lives
up to its name. This law is designed to increase the quality of career and
technical education across the United States.

The Perkins Act provides almost $1.3 billion in federal support for career
and technical education programs in all 50 States, including support for
integrated career pathways programs.

Our representative can help you learn more.

Act on It: Perkins Funding

Use Perkins to create
your classwork
sequence and help
students attain
valuable credentials.

$1.3 billion in
federal funding
allocated for
career and technical
education programs.

MOS 2016: Better Than Ever

Other Federal and State Funding

Another source of federal funds is the Enhancing Education Through
Technology (EETT) program. Also, your state will most likely have programs
and grants that you can access. Would you like to speak to one of our
experts in navigating funding options? Click on the link below, and connect.


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The PTA is an ideal organization to help generate
funding for MOS certification programs. When
parents realize the value MOS brings to students,
PTAs move into action and often spearhead
fundraising efforts.

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Other Fundraisers

Beyond the PTA, individual classes can organize their
own bake sales and car washes and seek donations
from local businesses.

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Many schools partner
with a library or
workforce services.