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MOS 2016 prepares students and job seekers for
achievement in the classroom and workforce.

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The theory is sound: high school should prepare students for college, and college should prepare
students for a job. What happens in real life doesn’t always match the ideal.

22 MILLION | Students enrolled at U.S. colleges in 2012

72% | Of educational institutions believe recent graduates are ready to enter the workforce

42% | Of employers agree that graduates are ready for jobs

That’s a big disconnect between expectations and reality. Likewise, students graduating from high school often aren’t ready for the rigors of college. How can educators close this gap? To find out, read this report on teaching digital literacy skills.


More than half of employers report that they are “very challenged” to
find IT-qualified staff who are comfortable and competent in the
cloud-integrated office.

The demand for digitally literate, certified workers will grow by 26
percent annually through 2015.

The biggest reason managers fail to fill open cloud-related positions is
because job seekers lack the training and certification needed.

Source: “Climate Change: Cloud’s Impact On IT Organizations and
Staffing , IDC, November 2012.

Give Employers What They Want

29% of tomorrow’s
positions will require
Microsoft Office and
related skills.

86% of hiring
managers say that
IT certifications are a
major priority in
evaluating candidates.

MOS 2016: Better Than Ever

It’s Not Just About Getting the Job.
It’s About Enjoying the Job.

It’s true that MOS certification prepares students for college and career.
But that’s not the end. On the job, MOS helps workers enjoy the work
more. We surveyed employees who earned their MOS certification. Here
are some results:

  • 91% agreed: “I feel more confident in my abilities now that I have
    become certified.”
  • 80% agreed: “I am more dedicated to my employer after being given
    this certification opportunity.”
  • 89% agreed: “Becoming certified has improved my skills and talents
    that are valued by my organization.”
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