New Username and Password
Auto-Recovery Tool

Previously users have been able to access the Forgot Password tool and have their password emailed to the address listed in their personal profile if needed.

With the new Username and Password auto—recovery tool users can retrieve both their username and reset their password by answering security questions with no emailing required. This will help for quick and easy retrieval.

Log in screen - I cannot access my account

Multiple Security Questions

Due to the new tool, multiple security questions will be asked. Questions are no longer an open field but a choice of questions to answer.

How do I update my account so I will be able to use the new auto—recovery tool in the future?

Login to your account at You will be prompted to update your account to include the new security questions. (If you do not click to update your account, once logged in Click on My Profile in the top right hand corner and answer the two security questions to enable the auto—recovery functionality.)

User security questions

It is important to note that we will only prompt a user to upgrade their security questions when the user logs in from the Login page at We will not prompt to update the security questions when attempting to take an exam.

Will I be required to update my account in order to retrieve my password?

This updating of the user account is optional, however, if you choose to not update your account the New Username and Password auto-recovery tool will not be available to you. For such users, your old security question and answer will continue to exist, and you will be able to continue to use the current Forgot Password functionality to recover your password and will have to continue to contact Customer Service or your Certiport Authorized Partner in order to recover your username when needed.

How do I access the new and old recovery tools?

The “Forgot Password” link at the top of the main Certiport website page will be removed. The link to recover the username or password will now be accessed on the Certiport Login page as shown above.

If you have any questions concerning this new tool please email