Microsoft Office Specialist
Small Campus Site License

For select higher education providers, the new MOS Small Campus Licenses will mean increased access to exams, lower costs, increased control, and simplified budgeting.

Qualified Certiport® higher education customers can now offer Microsoft® Office® Specialist(MOS) exams through innovative one-year small campus licenses. With the MOS Small Campus Licenses, your institution can conduct testing per campus based on full-time-equivalent enrollment (FTE). The affordable once-a-year fee makes it easy to budget for the number of products and number of students in your program. Because there is no per-test cost, your campus can economically provide the exams required to ensure student certification—

Key Advantages

  • Increased access to certification exams. With a Small Campus License you can certify without price barriers or scheduling conflicts.
  • Budget benefits. With the economical one-time fee, you only have to budget one fixed cost each year per license. There is no need to undergo the approval process for additional test funds.
How Does It Work?

  • Limited to Community Colleges, Junior Colleges, Career Colleges
  • Small Universities with Full-Time-Enrollment less than 1,000
  • Universities with over 1,000 Full-Time-Enrollment are not eligible
  • Available in North America only
  • A signed contract addendum is required at the time of purchase
Small Campus License Features:

  • 12 month license term
  • Exam cap of 500 exams
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Digital transcript service for students
  • Electronic fulfillment of certificates

Download the Small Campus Site License Datasheets

Seventy-one percent of supervisors indicated Microsoft Office certification is advantageous to employees considered in hiring, promotion and advancement decisions.

– Improving the Workplace Study, Sean Gyll, PhD

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