Microsoft Office Specialist Classroom License

K-12 Classroom License for Microsoft Office Certification Exams Cap the cost of certifying your students!

Now you can afford to Implement testing across all of your programs and courses with the K-12 Classroom Site License from Certiport. With a low-cost, annual fee and no per-test cost, it's easy to budget for and provide all of the exams required to ensure student certification.

Key Advantages

  • With the economical one-time fee, you only have to budget one fixed cost each year.
  • Expand your program to all students with high-volume usage possibilities. With this license, students can be drawn from across all your educational programs without any price barrier, restriction or scheduling conflict.
  • Extend testing to your instructors as part of a Professional Development program.
  • Become a profit center for your organizations, if you decide to cover the annual cost through student fees.
How Does It Work?

  • The Classroom Site License is limited to one lab of up to 30 computers
  • Multiple licenses may be purchased per school
  • The license is limited to students and faculty of your school
  • A signed contract addendum is required at the time of purchase
K-12 Classroom License Features:

  • High-volume testing in one classroom per year, with up to 30 computers
  • Training materials for Certiport Administration
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Digital transcript service for students
  • Electronic fulfillment of certificates

Download the K-12 Classroom License Datasheets

Seventy-one percent of supervisors indicated Microsoft Office certification is advantageous to employees considered in hiring, promotion and advancement decisions.

– Improving the Workplace Study, Sean Gyll, PhD

To find out more about this program, contact your Certiport Representative.