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  1. "Complete" Office Installation (Console 8 only): A complete installation of Office Professional is necessary for MOS 2010 and 2013 testing. All programs, tools and shared options must be completely installed, even if one or more of the items are not in the school's curriculum. If "complete" was not selected during the initial installation, go to the Control Panel, click Programs and Features (Win 7, 8, or 10). Click on the line-item for the Office suite you have installed and select "Change". Choose "Add or remove features" and continue. If any boxes are gray or have a red X, it indicates that you do not have a complete installation of Office and you must select "Run all from my computer" from the top gray box to be compliant. Click here for detailed instructions.

  2. Administrative Rights - Local (Console 8 only): Due to the access that our exam delivery software requires, full Windows Admin privileges are required to both install and deliver exams using the Console 8 software. Additionally, no group and/or local security policies (UAC) that may restrict the software, or access to the software, are allowed to be in place during testing. In Console 8 the Admin credential storage ability is built into the software as opposed to a separately installed feature as it was with previous delivery systems.

  3. Mass Deployment (Console 8 only): Beginning with Console 8.3.1, Certiport Authorized Testing Centers may now mass deploy this software on fresh installations. Please note that this process requires advanced technical knowledge and should only be performed by individuals with a certain skillset. Please click here for more information.

  4. Administrative Rights - Online: When configuring your system for Online/LMS Exams for Windows or the Certiport Mac Launcher, it is important to install all required software and dependencies as an Administrator (or Mac Administrator) so they are available to all Users. However, taking an exam can be performed under a limited User account as long as all browser settings required have been populated and allowed, and that all IP addresses needed during an exam are accessible.

  5. Minimum System Technical Requirements/Hardware Compatibility: Centers must ensure that computers used for testing meet our minimum hardware specifications in the areas of processor speed, RAM quantity, free HDD space, keyboard and mouse, and monitor size/resolution, etc. Please click here to be taken to our Technical Requirements page.

  6. Correct OS with Correct SP Level: CATCs must use the supported Operating Systems listed under our Technical Requirements. We do not support Academic, Student, Trial, Beta, or other similar versions. You must also check the current service pack level and ensure you are up to date: Windows 7 should be at SP1. We support both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Windows.

  7. Language Support: For Console 8, the available supported languages of the user interface are all contained within one download, so only the operating system and Office suite must be installed in the same language as the language selected inside Console 8.

  8. Correct Office Versions (Console 8 only): Certiport supports Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, and certain versions of Office 365 for exam delivery. Centers must install the Professional or Business versions of the Office Suite if administering the MOS exams (Student, Academic, Standard, Home, Trial, or similar versions are not supported). All Office suites should be patched to the latest Service Pack listed next to the supported version of Office in the Technical Requirements. Note: Only the 32-bit version of Office 2010 is supported (2013 or the version obtained via Office 365 can be 32 or 64-bit). A 32-bit version of Office can still be installed onto a 64-bit operating system.

  9. Internet Connection Minimum Requirement (all systems): Centers must be able to maintain at least 256 kbps connectivity per concurrent candidate testing. So for example, if you have a classroom of 25 students, you would need to provide 6.4 Mbps of throughput. Please note that this equation is a generalization, and that all CATC's must still take into consideration any shared connections or resources, throttling, timing, and bottlenecks when estimating your available bandwidth. For an individual speed test, click here.

  10. Firewall/Proxy (all systems): We recommend that centers do not go through a firewall, proxy server or IP filter during testing. If these devices are required, please refer to the following list of critical items that must be considered when configuring internet access:

    Required: The domain needs to be accessible. Also, need to have full access through ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS) and HTTP redirects permitted.

    Recommended: Whitelist the domain "*".

    Minimum - The following IP addresses must be accessible:

    • |
    • | Additional Security IP
    • |
    • |
    • |
    • |

    Note: If the internet is accessed through an authenticating proxy server and the system is not configured to automatically pass credentials to it, you will experience issues while testing.

    For Online/LMS Exams for Windows: BrowserLockdown3.exe is started by the ActiveX control when Lockdown is engaged at the beginning of an exam. If the Testing Center's security software (firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc.) is not configured to allow this program the same rights as Internet Explorer to access the internet, you may experience:

    • A white screen when the exam attempts to start.
    • The tutorial loads and works but some or all of the exam content does not load
    • Questions start loading but never complete

  11. Pop-up Blockers (Online/LMS for Windows only): Pop-up blockers and phish filtering should be turned off within the supported browser. Also, we request that no browser toolbars be installed, as some have built-in pop-up blocker features; please remove or disable them if they are currently installed/active.

  12. Browser Settings (Online/LMS Exams for Windows only): It will be necessary to designate Certiport as a Trusted Site within the settings of Internet Explorer.

    • Step 1: Open Internet Explorer and enter the Internet Options
    • Step 2: Click the 'Security' tab.
    • Step 3: Select the green checkmark for 'Trusted Sites'.
    • Step 4: Click the 'Sites' button.
    • Step 5: Uncheck the box "Require Server Verification (https:) for all sites in this zone".
    • Step 6: In the "Add this website to the zone" field enter * and click 'Add'.
    • Note: Please ensure after adding the entry that the address is not preceded by a "www", "http", or "https".

  13. Adobe: CATCs need to install the latest Adobe Flash Player (Windows & Mac), Flash Plugin (Windows Only), and Adobe Reader (Windows & Mac) in order to administer exams within Console 8, Online/LMS Exams for Windows, and the Certiport Mac Launcher. (See .NET and Java sections for additional dependencies.)

  14. .NET Installed (Console 8 and Online/LMS for Windows only): Please review the individual delivery system Technical Requirements for all .NET dependencies.

  15. Java: Windows testing machines must have the latest version of Java installed. (See Adobe and .NET sections for additional dependencies.)

  16. Restoring Software (Console 8 only): Third-party software is available which allows the program to capture a working image of a computer, then restore the PC to that original state upon every reboot (e.g. Deep Freeze). If you are using such software, it must be disabled before testing, or a thaw space must be created that encompasses all Certiport program folders. Our software stores test candidate progress locally. In the case of a crash, a reboot can be performed and candidates will be able to begin from where they left off. However, if this type of software is installed, the saved progress will be eliminated during the reboot and the candidate will have to start the exam from question 1. (The candidate's voucher/license will not be affected as session information is stored server-side.)

  17. Outlook Accounts (Console 8 MOS Exams only): You cannot use Outlook for personal email on the same machine used for testing as it will interfere with the "dummy" profile info needed to populate appointments, emails and other items that will be used for the exam. Click here for a set of instructions on this process.

  18. Other Testing Software: Console 8 is based on concurrent technology that uses local paths to run. Other testing software has been found to change our paths or corrupt it and should avoid being installed on the same testing computer as the Certiport software. For all delivery systems: We also recommend limiting the amount of all other non-essential software installed and/or running on the machine to ensure the most ideal, conflict-free testing environment.

  19. Local Settings (all systems): Centers should ensure that the date, time, and timezone settings for their area are correctly set on each testing computer.

  20. Browser Lockdown Configuration (for Online/LMS Exams for Windows only): Browser Lockdown 3 is required for all Windows-based Certiport Online Exams. If this has not been installed prior to launching an exam, you will be prompted to do so. An Active-X bar will appear at the top or bottom of your browser on the Proctor Authorization page. Click on the Active-X bar and select Allow/Install. For detailed guides on both Windows and Mac setup, click here.

  21. Installation Issues (Console 8): Always ensure that you have the latest version of the Certiport software - check with Customer Service if you require assistance. If the software fails or you otherwise encounter an error during installation use the Control Panel's "Add or Remove Programs" tool to uninstall. Next, delete the local Certiport folder and its contents. Restart the computer, re-install the software and ensure that the installation is performed under a Windows Administrator account. Note: The stopping point of any "in-progress" exams in Console 8 would be erased if this procedure is performed. The exam can still be resumed within the time alloted for a restart, however it would begin over at question 1.

  22. Software Environments (all systems): Please note that all Certiport exam software must be installed locally in a dedicated (fat client) environment. Non-native environments such as Thin/Zero/Web/Citrix Clients are not supported.

  23. Internet Browser (Mac Launcher only): With the release of the Certiport Mac Launcher in August 2015, there are no longer any browser dependencies for this particular delivery solution as it pertains to exam delivery - the browser is now embedded within the locally installed software. For browsing and using the features of the Certiport website, you may continue to use the latest versions of either Safari or Google Chrome.

  24. Mac Launcher Required Software: Please refer to the Mac Launcher Quick Reference Guide for detailed setup instructions.

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