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  • Q1: We are not able to successfully download/install Certiport updates (Console 8).

  • Q2: Our Antivirus/Firewall is detecting Certiport files as being potentially malicious (Console 8).

  • Q3: We need help understanding the new Console 8 version 8.6.x Update Services that was released in August 2017.

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  • Q1: We are receiving an "Unhandled Exception" error (Console 8).

  • Q2: We are receiving a "Failed to initiate the Console Pre-Loader. Please contact Customer Services" error (Console 8).

  • Q3: We are receiving an "Exam Failed to Complete Successfully" error (Console 8).

  • Q4: We are receiving errors when trying to download or apply updates (Console 8).

  • Q5: The in-exam documents or other content required to complete the exam are not present/visible (Console 8).

  • Q6: We are receiving "A communications error has occurred" (Console 8).

  • Q7: We are seeing black graphics during a MOS Excel 2013 exam using Windows 10 Anniversary Edition and can’t see the content (Console 8).

  • Q8: We do not have Administrative Rights (all delivery systems).

  • Q9: Our browser/exam is saying that Active X is not installed (Online Exams for Windows only).

  • Q10: Our exam is freezing (all delivery systems).

  • Q11: We are receiving an error condition related to the "Windows Installer" and cannot launch the exam.

  • Q12: We are getting a VLC logo when attempting to run an exam.

  • Q13: Our Outlook profile has not been configured correctly or we are having other issues related the administration of the Outlook exam (all version years, Console 8).

  • Q14: We employ “Deep Freeze” or other restoring software, how will that affect exam delivery?

  • Q15: We need help understanding the new Console 8 version 8.6.x Update Services that was released in August 2017.

  • Q1: How do I access my transcripts and certificates?

  • Q2: How do I apply for ADA Accommodations?

  • Q3: I have lost my Username and/or Password, how can I recover them?

  • Q4: Proctoring an exam: How do I become a Proctor? How do I proctor an exam? Who can proctor me? Where do I view the Proctor Agreement?

  • Q5: How do I locate my MC ID (Microsoft Certified Identification) and Access Code?

  • Q6: How do I view our remaining Vouchers, Inventory, and/or Licenses and their expiration dates?

  • Q7: How do you assign a voucher to a Test Candidate? Can a CATC assign vouchers to a Test Candidate on their behalf?

  • Q8: What are Certiport's policies on Exam Retakes, Exam Security, and Exam Scoring?

  • Q9: My Retake Voucher is not working, what might be the cause?

  • Q10: I am a Test Candidate inside the U.S., how do I locate a Certiport Authorized Testing Center?

  • Q11: I am a Test Candidate outside the U.S., how do I locate a Certiport Authorized Testing Center?

  • Q12: What are the Technical Requirements for Certiport's exam delivery systems and solutions?

  • Q13: Where can I find the number of questions and time limits for each exam?

  • Q14: Where can I view the exam tutorials that appear before a certification exam without actually launching an exam?

  • Q15: Where can I find information about existing, new, and upcoming Certiport certification exams and learning products?

  • Q16: Where can I find information about the specific subjects that each certification exam covers?

  • Q1: Can the expiration date of licenses, inventory, or vouchers be extended?

  • Q2: How do I purchase vouchers, inventory, and/or licenses for certification exams and/or learning products (practice materials)?

  • Q3: Can we purchase the software required for "Live-in-the-Application" exams from Certiport (e.g. Microsoft Office, Adobe, or Autodesk)?

  • Q4: How do I get to Certiport's web store or to access store pricing information?

  • Q5: How do I print a voucher?

  • Q6: What is the difference between the MOS 2010, 2013, and 2016 exams?

  • Q7: How do my students access their vouchers when taking a test?

  • Q8: Do I have to register the testing center for each certification program?

  • Q9: What does a CATC need for a successful certification program?

  • Q10: How do we run usage reports on exams delivered?

  • Q11: How do we look up a Test Candidate's ID?


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