MTA Benefits

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) makes it easier for institutions to teach and validate fundamental technology knowledge, providing students with a career foundation and the confidence to succeed in advanced studies and future vocational endeavors. It provides students with a world-class Microsoft certification that can be earned right in the classroom, empowers educators with easily integrated, state-of-the-art curriculum, and helps institutions stand out as an innovative provider of high-demand IT credentials.

MTA Audience/Key Benefits:

  Administrators Faculty Students

Key Benefits

MTA helps institutions stand out as innovative technology curriculum providers.

MTA enables educators to easily deploy an innovative, industry-relevant, state-of-the-art certification without leaving the classroom.

MTA validates fundamental technology knowledge and enables technology career path exploration.

Supporting Points

MTA certification is an easy, cost-effective solution for validating key fundamental technology concepts

Provides a Microsoft credential preparing students for today's workplace

Helps attract technology students, enhance college applications, and prepare students for advanced IT studies

Helps institutions empower faculty and motivate students to pursue their passion for technology

Easily integrates into existing curricula, with exams delivered right in the classroom

Provides an easy-to-use, reliable validation tool to measure students' understanding of building-block IT concepts

Enables educators to deliver industry-relevant knowledge preparing students for success with academic and vocational pursuits

Strengthens substance and value of curricula

Validates a student's fundamental technology knowledge, essential to succeeding with continued studies, academic admissions, and building a rewarding career in technology

Provides an easy, inexpensive way to explore technology career options

MTA is the first step towards becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)

Augments and compliments technology related studies