Outstanding Students

Outstanding Students

Success inspires success. Every MOS-certified
student has a story of how certification and the
journey to achieve it has impacted their lives.


Graduation cap

Ryan Miguel

“Placing 3rd in the MOS competition in Park City,
Utah, was a tremendous experience for me. I
learned so much from these courses and
certification exams that I never could have from
college alone. These certifications and the
competition have become huge résumé boosters
for my future as I have since been hired by

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Nicole Sizemore

“I graduated with five certifications and got a great job
only three months out of college with great pay and

Miranda Hill

“My MOS certification
made it easier and
quicker to write papers
and do presentations
in college.”

MOS 2016: Better Than Ever

Students and Teachers
Praise the Power of MOS

In the Palm Beach County School District of 175,000 students, MOS is
helping make both students and teachers outstanding.

“An effective school is actually the school that creates a more well-rounded
student,” says James Cooper, curriculum specialist for the district. “Students
who are prepared to face a competitive work environment and a
competitive college environment, regardless of what it is they’re doing.”

What does this mean for you? Watch the video to find out.