Certiport Solution Providers

Certiport Solution ProvidersCertiport uses SOLUTION PROVIDERS as an effective sales channel in many of its markets. Certiport provides industry-leading support and business planning tools to ensure the success of its Solution Providers.

CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS between Certiport and Solution Providers around the world are instrumental to Certiport's success and are the core of its go-to-market strategy. With Certiport's cooperative selling and co-engagement approach, Solution Provider opportunities are limitless. Certiport's success in the training and certification industry is directly attributed to active providers. Solution Providers are required to make an annual purchase of Certiport products and services.


Solution Provider benefits are abundant and provide both financial and operational benefits. Each Solution Provider can sell and distribute exams to Authorized Resellers and Certiport Centers within their territory. Solution Providers benefit from heavily discounted exams that allow for generous profit margins on each exam sold.

All Solution Provider members benefit from exclusive marketing support through industry experts and financial resources. Each partner is assigned a regional manager to assist in creating and closing business opportunities and in developing successful business plans. Certiport Systems engineers are available to assist with pre-sales and post-sales support. In addition, a regional team is actively involved in the sales process with business liaisons and development resources. Solution Providers also have a direct relationship with regional headquarter staff members who participate in the quarterly business review process.

A Solution Provider's main objective is to meet the high sales targets and show a high level of commitment to Certiport products. Membership tiers and associated benefits are raised as program members satisfy requirements in four basic areas:

  • Technical Knowledge and Customer Support
  • Market Penetration
  • Growth Strategy
  • Solution Deployment


Solution Provider requirements are easy to implement and will help create a solid business structure. To optimize partnership with Certiport, Solution Providers are required to display Certiport program details on all marketing literature and web sites. Certiport also requires all courseware sold or used to be Certiport approved.


Certiport welcomes provider partnerships and looks forward to successful ventures that facilitate the world's most innovative digital literacy programs. To request more information on joining the Certiport family as a Solution Provider, click the following button:


To learn more about how to partner with Certiport, contact:

Certiport Authorized Partner Team