Certiport Authorized Partner Program

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Partnership with Certiport gives organizations the ability to promote and distribute Microsoft Office Specialist, IC3, Adobe, CompTIA, Autodesk, HP ATA, and Intuit QuickBooks certification exams.


To learn more about how to partner with Certiport, contact:

Certiport Authorized Partner Team



Profitable Industry-Leading Certifications that Complement Your Training
and Testing Offerings

Certiport certification exams are the perfect capstone for the learning materials you currently sell, and can help differentiate you as a total solutions provider. The high-profile brand names generate sales because people understand the value they bring: candidates who certify on these programs are much better prepared for success in both academics and the business world.

Certiport is proud to be associated with the world's leading application certification program, Microsoft® Office Specialist; the fastest growing digital communications certification, Adobe® Certified Associate; the leader in digital literacy certification with the Internet and Core Computing Certification (IC3®); and other leading solutions from Microsoft, CompTIA®, Autodesk®, HP ATA®, and Intuit®.

As a partner of Certiport, you will be recognized as providing these and other industry leading solutions to testing centers that accommodate individuals in commercial, government, and academic institutions across the markets you serve. As a testing center of Certiport, you will benefit your community and business offering these globally recognized certification programs to candidates in your area.

Certiport Authorized Partner

A Certiport Authorized Partner (CAP) is any commercial institution that acts as a "purveyor or distributor" of Certiport exams. This can be a company, solution provider or reseller with access to a channel of test centers capable of delivering Certiport exams.

  • Build a network of testing centers
  • Round-out product offerings with valuable certifications
  • Team-up with Certiport to support centers in your network

Certiport Authorized Testing Center

A Certiport Authorized Test Center (CATC) is defined as any commercial institution that can deliver and administer computer-based Certiport-managed certification exams.

  • Manage direct interaction with candidates
  • Offer valuable credentials to members of your community
  • Build your operation through the addition of new certifications