Word 2000 Expert

Working with Paragraphs
Apply paragraph and section shading
Use text flow options (keeping lines together)
Sort lists, paragraphs, and tables

Working with Documents
Create and modify page borders
Format first page differently than subsequent pages
Use bookmarks
Create and edit styles
Create watermarks
Use Find and Replace with formats, special characters, and nonprinting elements
Balance column length (using column breaks appropriately)
Create or revise footnotes and endnotes
Work with master documents and subdocuments
Create and modify a table of contents
Create cross reference
Create and modify an index

Using Tables
Embed worksheets in a table
Perform calculations in a table
Link Microsoft Excel data as a table
Modify worksheets in a table

Working with Pictures and Charts
Add bitmap graphics
Delete and position graphics
Create and modify charts
Import data into charts

Using Mail Merge
Create main document
Create data source
Sort records to be merged
Merge main document and data source
Generate labels
Merge a document using alternate data sources

Using Advanced Features
Insert a field
Create, apply, and edit macros
Copy, rename, and delete macros
Create and modify form
Create and modify a form control (for example, add an item to a drop-down list)
Use advanced text alignment features with graphics
Customize toolbars

Collaborating with Workgroups
Insert comments
Help protect documents
Create multiple versions of a document
Track changes to a document
Set default file location for workgroup templates
Round trip documents from HTML