Word 2002

Inserting and Modifying Text
Insert, modify, and move text and symbols
Apply and modify text formats
Correct spelling and grammar usage
Apply font and text effects
Enter and format Date and Time
Apply character styles

Creating and Modifying Paragraphs
Modify paragraph formats
Set and modify tabs
Apply bullet, outline, and numbering format to paragraphs
Apply paragraph styles

Formatting Documents
Create and modify a header and footer
Apply and modify column settings
Modify document layout and Page Setup options
Create and modify tables
Preview and Print documents, envelopes, and labels

Managing Documents
Manage files and folders for documents
Create documents using templates
Save documents using different names and file formats

Working with Graphics
Insert images and graphics
Create and modify diagrams and charts

Workgroup Collaboration
Compare and Merge documents
Insert, view and edit comments
Convert documents into Web pages