Word 2000

Working with Text
Use the Undo, Redo, and Repeat commands
Apply font formats (bold, italic, and underline)
Use the Spelling and Grammar command
Use the Thesaurus
Insert page breaks
Highlight text in document
Insert and move text
Cut, copy, paste, and paste special using the Office Clipboard
Copy formats using the Format Painter
Select and change font and font size
Find and replace text
Apply character effects (superscript, subscript, strikethrough, small caps, and outline)
Insert date and time
Insert symbols
Create and apply frequently used text with AutoCorrect

Working with Paragraphs
Align text in paragraphs (center, left, right, and justified)
Add bullets and numbering
Set character, line, and paragraph spacing options
Apply borders and shading to paragraphs
Use indentation options (left, right, first line, and hanging indent)
Use Tabs command (center, decimal, left, and right)
Create an outline-style numbered list
Set tabs with leaders

Working with Documents
Print a document
Use print preview
Use Web Page Preview
Navigate through a document
Insert page numbers
Set page orientation
Set margins
Use GoTo to locate specific elements in a document
Create and modify page numbers
Create and modify headers and footers
Align text vertically
Create and use newspaper columns
Revise column structure
Prepare and print envelopes and labels
Apply styles
Create sections with formatting that differs from other sections
Use Click and Type

Managing Files
Use save
Locate and open an existing document
Use Save As (different name, location, or format)
Create a folder
Create a new document using a wizard
Save as Web Page
Use templates to create a new document
Create Hyperlinks
Use the Microsoft Office Assistant
Send a Word document via e-mail

Using Tables
Create and format tables
Add borders and shading to tables
Revise tables (insert and delete rows and columns and change cell formats)
Modify table structure (merge cells, change height, and width)
Rotate text in a table

Working with Pictures and Charts
Use the drawing toolbar
Insert graphics into a document (WordArt, clip art, and images)