Excel 2000

Working with Cells
Use Undo and Redo
Clear cell content
Enter text, dates, and numbers
Edit cell content
Go to a specific cell
Insert and delete selected cells
Cut, copy, paste, paste special, and move selected cells
Use the Office Clipboard
Use Find and Replace
Clear cell formats
Work with series (AutoFill)
Create hyperlinks

Working with Files
Use Save
Use Save As (different name, location, and format)
Locate and open an existing workbook
Create a folder
Use templates to create a new workbook
Save a worksheet/workbook as a Web Page
Send a workbook via e-mail
Use the Microsoft Office Assistant

Formatting Worksheets
Apply font styles (typeface, size, color, and styles)
Apply number formats (currency, percent, dates, and commas)
Modify row and column size
Modify alignment of cell content
Adjust decimal places
Use the Format Painter
Apply autoformat
Apply cell borders and shading
Merge cells
Rotate text and change indents
Define, apply, and remove a style

Page Setup and Printing
Preview and print worksheets and workbooks
Use Web Page Preview
Print a selection
Change page orientation and scaling
Set page margins and centering
Insert and remove a page break
Set print, and clear a print area
Set up headers and footers
Set print titles and options (gridlines, print quality, and headings for rows and columns)

Working with Worksheets and Workbooks
Insert and delete rows and columns
Hide and unhide rows and columns
Freeze and unfreeze rows and columns
Change the zoom setting
Move between worksheets in a workbook
Check spelling
Rename a worksheet
Insert and delete worksheets
Move and copy worksheets
Link worksheets and consolidate data using 3-D references

Working with Formulas and Functions
Enter a range within a formula in a drag-and-drop operation
Enter formulas in a cell and use the formula bar
Revise formulas
Use references (absolute and relative)
Use AutoSum
Use the Paste Function to insert a function
Use basic functions (AVERAGE, SUM, COUNT, MIN, and MAX)
Enter functions using the Formula Palette
Use date functions (NOW and DATE)
Use financial functions (FV and PMT)
Use logical functions (IF)

Using Charts and Objects
Preview and print charts
Use the Chart Wizard to create a chart
Modify charts
Insert, move, and delete an object (graphic)
Create and modify lines and objects