Access 2003

Structuring Databases

  • Create Access databases
  • Create and modify tables
  • Define and modify field types
  • Modify field properties
  • Create and modify one-to-many relationships
  • Enforce referential integrity
  • Create and modify queries
  • Create forms
  • Add and modify form controls and properties
  • Create reports
  • Add and modify report control properties
  • Create a data access page

Entering Data

  • Enter, edit and delete records
  • Find and move among records
  • Import data to Access

Organizing Data

  • Create and modify calculated fields and aggregate functions
  • Modify form layout
  • Modify report layout and page setup
  • Format datasheets
  • Sort records
  • Filter records

Managing Databases

  • Identify object dependencies
  • View objects and object data in other views
  • Print database objects and data
  • Export data from Access
  • Back up a database
  • Compact and repair databases