IC³ 2005 Standard – Living Online

This exam covers the following areas:

Networks and the Internet:

  • Identify network fundamentals and the benefits and risks of network computing
  • Identify the relationship between computer networks, other communications networks (like the telephone network) and the Internet

Electronic Mail:

  • Identify how electronic mail works
  • Identify how to use an electronic mail application
  • Identify the appropriate use of e-mail and e-mail related "netiquette"

Using the Internet:

  • Identify different types of information sources on the Internet
  • Be able to use a Web browsing application
  • Be able to search the Internet for information

The Impact of Computing and the Internet on Society:

  • Identify how computers are used in different areas of work, school, and home
  • Identify the risks of using computer hardware and software
  • Identify how to use the Internet safely, legally, and responsibly