Make Your Mark on the World

Teachers can make their mark on the world by preparing students to do great things and with ACA certification those great things can begin almost immediately. Studies* show that students who receive a certification as part of a career-focused education program achieve a much higher level of academic success:

Success Indicator Without Certification With Certification
Average GPA (based on 4.0) 2.53 3.03
12th graders earning diploma 66.5% 94.0%
At least one college-level course 17.7% 30.5%

*Source: Florida Department of Education, 2010

Students begin making their mark on the world by enrolling in college, entering the workforce, or pursuing their dream. Regardless of the goal, being prepared is critical to success, and ACA certification helps ensure success by opening doors and providing opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

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College Campus or Job Market: ACA Certification Provides a Big Advantage

Moving from high school to college is a big step for most students. ACA certification helps in two significant ways:

  • ACA certification can provide credit for college courses, saving students time and money.
  • ACA certification prepares a student with the digital media skills and knowledge to succeed in a fast-paced learning environment.

With ACA certification on their college applications, students are better prepared for success in a demanding academic environment.

Whether before, during, or after college, landing that first job can be a big challenge, and there is no question that solid preparation is critical. When seeking employment that requires the ability to use the digital media technology, ACA certification is the certification program to have on your resumé.

Whatever your student’s goal, having ACA certification on a job resume or college application speaks volumes about their digital media skills and abilities. It will set them apart from the crowd and help them on their way to success.

The Adobe Certified Associate Integrates Seamlessly into Your Curriculum

To help educators achieve successful outcomes, Adobe course materials focus on career areas in Web Design, Visual and Print Design, and Digital Video. These course materials correlate directly to the specific ACA certification objectives. Combined, these courseware materials and certifications provide powerful learning tools.

Adobe offers four areas in which to gain certification for entry-level skills:

The Adobe Certified Associate certifications are offered for the following Adobe Create Suite versions:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Creative Suite 6

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ACA CS3 Exams to be Retired

In an effort to support the most current technologies and drive development of industry-standard skills and knowledge, the Adobe Certified Associate CS3 exams will be retired on 12 August 2013.

All ACA exam vouchers, inventory, and licenses can be applied to any version of an ACA exam, so unused exams should not be a concern.

Thank you for your commitment to the Adobe program and preparing for this change.

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