IC³ Authorized Educator

Educator Requirements

Requirement 1: Get Certified

To earn an IC³ Authorized Educator certificate for Global Standard 4 (GS4) or Global Standard 3 (GS3), you must take and pass the corresponding certification exams:


  1. Certify in each of the platform to teach the program
  2. Authorized Educator is current as long as Certiport continues to support those versions
IC3 Computing Fundamentals Key Applications Living Online
Global Standard 4
Global Standard 3

Requirement 2: Instructional Experience

Any one of the following credentials will satisfy the instructional experience requirement for the IC³ Authorized Educator credential

  • A diploma or transcript indicating you have satisfied the requirements for a teaching or training degree, diploma, or certification from an accredited educational institution.
  • Written verification from your current or past employer—on company letterhead—that you have two or more years of experience delivering training in Basic Computer Application.
  • An instructor certificate from an industry-recognized vendor (e.g. Adobe (ACI or ACA Educator), Microsoft (MCT), Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+), or Cisco Systems (CCNA or CCNP)).

Requirement 3: Application Process

  1. Complete the IC³ Authorized Educator application for either the GS4 or GS3 Standard
  2. E-mail a .JPEG or .PDF of your proof of instructional experience or teaching credentials to:

    E-mail: educator@certiport.com
  3. On approval of your teaching/training experience, submit the application fee of $25 USD (GS4 or GS3) per instructions that will be emailed to you once your teaching credentials have been verified. Payment may also be mailed to Certiport at the following address:

    Attn: IC³ Authorized Educator Program
    1276 South 820 East, Suite 200
    American Fork, UT 84003 USA

  4. Wait approximately two to four weeks for your application to be processed

The IC³ GS4 Authorized Educator Welcome Kit includes:

  • Your IC³ Authorized Educator certificate (Global Standard 4)
  • An IC³ Authorized Educator magnetic badge

The IC³ GS3 Authorized Educator Welcome Kit includes:

  • Your IC³ Authorized Educator certificate (Global Standard 3)
  • An IC³ Authorized Educator magnetic badge


  • Permission to use the IC³ Authorized Educator Logo (either GS4 or GS3)
  • Educator Directory listing
  • Educator Membership login
  • Global Standard 4 Lesson Plan
  • Global Standard 3 Lesson Plan
  • Acknowledgement Letter from Certiport CEO
  • Become a Certiport Authorized Testing Center
  • Access to IC³ Marketing Materials
    • Opt-in to a Network of Trainers within North America

If you have any further questions about the application process, please contact us toll-free at (888) 999-9830 (U.S. and Canada only) or (801) 847-3100.

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