Microsoft Office Specialist Exam Demonstration

Microsoft® Office Specialist sample tests are now available! These samples allow you to familiarize yourself with the format, functionality, and rigor of Microsoft Office Specialist exams. Short of taking an actual exam, these samples are the best way to experience the unique, "live application" Microsoft Office Specialist testing environment.

Each sample test presents three exam questions, or work scenarios, each of which contains three specific tasks. Like actual Microsoft Office Specialist exams, the samples are timed. The Microsoft Word version 2002 sample test has a 10-minute time limit (3:40 minutes per exam item). The Microsoft Excel version 2002 sample test has a 15-minute time limit (5 minutes per exam item). Additionally, each one generates a score report based on your responses after you complete the last exam item.

You will need the Macromedia® Shockwave™ Player (a web-browser plug-in) to view the sample tests. If you do not already have Shockwave Player loaded, you can initiate an automatic download and installation by simply clicking on one of the sample tests links below. If you already have Shockwave installed, simply click one of the links below to launch a sample test.

Each demo is a simulation of Microsoft Word or Excel, as well as the Microsoft Office Specialist exam interface. Only the menu (top bar) commands are functional (i.e. tool bars, shortcuts, or keyboard commands may not be used). These demos are not intended to function as assessments or practice tests. Although each provides a pass/fail score report, your success or failure does not indicate your performance potential on a Microsoft Office Specialist exam.

1. Complete each task in each question in the stated, sequential order.
2. Use menu commands to complete each task. Toolbar, right-click shortcut menu, and keyboard command functionality are not enabled.
3. Use the Reset button to restart a question. (Note: On Microsoft Office Specialist exams, which use a live version of Word or Excel, Reset allows you to refresh the background document or workbook if you feel you have made an error.)
4. Use the Next button when you have completed each task in a question and are ready to move to the next question.

Please choose the exam you would like to preview by selecting a link below.

Microsoft Word version 2002 Microsoft Office Specialist Sample Test

Microsoft Excel version 2002 Microsoft Office Specialist Sample Test

These exam demos are powered by CCI Technology.

If you are interested in taking a Microsoft Office Specialist exam, please contact a Certiport Center.





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