Certiprep is the premier comprehensive solution for Microsoft® Office desktop computer certifications, designed to accurately simulate the actual testing environment. Certiprep combines challenging questions with immediate feedback, training, and scoring.

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The Official Certiport® Training System  

Certiprep is more than just practice tests and assessments—it's the official preparation software for Microsoft® Office Specialist certifications; created with the same technology, and by the same company as the actual Microsoft® Office Specialist exams.

Certiprep is the only test preparation system that utilizes the same "Live Application" platform that the real test does. After all, you can't pass a test you don't know how to take.

  • Facilitates Master Microsoft® Office Specialist certification.
  • Has a higher certification rate than other training programs.
  • Facilitates multiple version certifications.
  • Provides post-class instruction and content review.
  • Provides test-taking technique practice.
  • Provides significant cost savings for achieving Master certification.
  • Is a great skill assessment for new hires and existing employees.
Benefits of Certification
  • Résumé addition
  • Higher job placement rate.
  • Higher conversion rate from temporary to permanent.
  • Higher income probability.
  • Cost-effective college credit.
Better Value
  • Unlimited, fully-functional lifetime software use
  • Testing licenses sold per station—not user
  • Pricing includes all Microsoft® Office application exams
  • Volume (multi-station) pricing available