Next Steps as a Certiport
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Communicate to Everyone

In order for you to have success, everyone, including your students, their parents, and the community, needs to understand the value of certification. Below are some templates and resources that you can use to communicate this message to everyone:

Sample Press Release

Sample Parents Letter

Sample Counselor/Middle School Principal Letter

Participate in a Competition

Every year, students from around the world gather to compete at the Certiport World Championships. It is a special opportunity to participate in these competitions because only the best students in each country are invited to attend. The experience these students have is incredible. Not to mention, the champions are awarded thousands of dollars in scholarship money.

Click on the images below to visit the official website for the competition with details on how to participate:

MOS World Championship
Adobe Certified Associate World Championship

Obtain College Credit

Many of Certiport's certifications are approved for college credit through the American Counsel on Education (ACE). Find out how your students can obtain college credits here.

Your students can also use certification in their college entrance exam as a way to differentiate themselves and show they are truly prepared for higher level learning. Below is a sample college entrance exam that uses certification successfully.

Sample College Application Essay

Land Jobs for Your Students

Certiport, along with you, want to get your students college- and career- ready. Here are some samples to share with your students on how to land a job by showcasing their certification.

Notice the difference between a typical high school resume and a high school resume with certification. Which student would get hired?

Sample Resume (Typical)

Sample Resume (with Certification)

Sample Cover Letter

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