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Congratulations to the 2012 IC³ World Cup

2012 IC³ World Cup Overall Champion:

Mustansiriyah University College of Engineering from Iraq

2012 Regional Winners

From Asia-Pacific: Chinese Dragon from China

From Americas: TCC Flying High Eagles from the United States

From Europe, Middle East, & Africa Mustansiriyah University College of Engineering from Iraq

Sector Regional Winners

Asia Pacific

Post-Secondary Education: Chinese Dragon (China)

Corporate: Cust (Taiwan)


Primary & Secondary Education: Louisville Eastern Eagles (United States)

Post-Secondary Education: TCC Flying High Eagles (United States)

Corporate: Computer Learning Centers Boricua (Puerto Rico)

Workforce Development and/or Government: Sierra Nevada Office Assistants (United States)

Europe, Middle East, & Africa

Post-Secondary Education: Mustansiriyah University College of Engineering (Iraq)

Corporate: Technokids Technoplus Agia Paraskevi (Greece)

Workforce Development and/or Government: Flying Camels (Oman)