Adobe Certified Expert

There are two types of ACE exams: certification and recertification. Certifications on Adobe Digital Marketing Suite products and Creative Cloud are valid for 12 months. Once your certification has expired, you will have 90 days to recertify. After the recertification window has past, you will have to go back to a testing center and take the full exam.

Certification exams are computer based, multiple-choice exams that are delivered by Pearson VUE in a proctored environment.

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Recertification exams are also multiple-choice. They are offered online and can be taken from anywhere in which you have an Internet connection.

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Note: In order to qualify for your recertification status, you must be certified on the previous version for the product in which you are currently seeking certification. For example, in order to have the Photoshop® CC recertification exam count toward your certification status, you must first be certified for Photoshop CS6.

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