Using Your Test Candidate Profile

For information on exams including exam objectives and preparation guides please select the Certifications tab above.

Many Certiport Authorized Testing Centers choose to provide classes/courses. Please contact the CATC in your area directly for availability. Click here to locate a Certiport Authorized Testing Center near you.

Practice tests available from Certiport directly to candidates:

To use your Certiport Test Candidate account Login here and enter your Test Candidate username and password. To create a Test Candidate Account Register here.


Printing a Certificate

  1. Click on My Transcript (Scroll over the My Certiport tab)
  2. To print your certificate, click on PDF next to your certification
  3. Then click on the Print Official Certificate button in the bottom right hand corner

Ordering a new certificate

  1. Click on My Transcript (Scroll over the My Certiport tab)
  2. To request certificates, select Personal View from the view mode drop down menu
  3. Click the Order Official Certificate button next to your certification

MTA certificate

MTA Certificates are only available through online download. You can obtain any of your Microsoft certificates using the Microsoft Certified Professional website: You will need to create a Live (Microsoft) account along with the Microsoft Certified ID that has been associated with your Certiport profile in order to access this site. For steps on how to obtain your MC ID through Certiports systems please click on MC ID above.

Have not received certificate

If a certificate is to be mailed, certificates are mailed within a few days of passing exams to the address placed in your Test Candidate Profile. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery outside of the US. If the certificate is not received within this time please click here to contact us or one of our Certiport Authorized Partners.

If the CATC in which a candidate has taken an exam has signed a site license the candidate is responsible for printing their own certificate, or the candidate can order thru their Test Candidate account an Official Certification. Please feel free to contact your Certiport Authorized Testing Center Administrator if more information is needed.


How to find exam results and reprint exam score report

  1. Click on My Transcript (Scroll over the My Certiport tab)
  2. To view failed exams uncheck the Show Only Passed Exams checkbox
  3. Click on the Score Report button next to the exam

How to Authorize a viewer of transcript

  1. Click on My Transcript (Scroll over the My Certiport tab)
  2. Change the view mode to: Authorized View (shows what your transcript will look like to a 3rd Party (employer, college, or teacher))
  3. Click on the Authorize a Viewer button and follow the instructions

Print transcript

  1. Click on My Transcript (Scroll over the My Certiport tab)
  2. Click Show Printable View and print the document

How to find id

  1. Click on My Transcript (Scroll over the My Certiport tab)
  2. Click on PDF next to your certification

ID is listed in the bottom right hand corner of your certificate

Register for an Exam Group

If you have been asked to register for an Exam Group, you may do so by entering the Exam Group ID into your Test Candidate Account.

By joining an exam group you acknowledge that your exam results, along with certain personal information, may be made available to the owner of the exam group, the test center or institution.

  • Login and enter the Exam Group ID into the field and click on the Register Me button

Note: You still must select/enter the Exam Group ID each time you take an exam


Voucher Policies

Please click here to view the policies surrounding the use of all voucher types.

Purchasing an Exam Voucher

For Test Candidates within the U.S., please contact the Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC) before purchasing a voucher to ensure you are aware of their policies. If the CATC instructs you to obtain your own voucher, you may purchase a voucher by following these instructions:

  1. Start by registering as a Test Candidate at
  2. Once registered, you'll be directed to the My Certiport landing page.
  3. From the My Certiport (home page of the Test Candidate role) you can access the Certiport Shop Site by mousing over the Take an Exam button and clicking on the drop-down for Purchase Exam, or by using the link provided here.

For Test Candidates outside the U.S. please contact the CATC directly for pricing. For first-time buyers, please contact the nearest Solution Provider in your area by using our Locator tool.

Viewing an Exam Voucher

As a Test Candidate:

  1. Navigate to and log in (change your role to "Test Candidate" in the drop-down at the top of the page if you have multiple assigned roles).
  2. Purchased exam vouchers are listed underneath the My Exams section.

Note: Exam vouchers should be assigned to a Test Candidate to avoid potential fraudulent redemption. Assigning a voucher can also save time by not having to enter the code during the exam launch process.

As a CATC:

  1. Navigate to and log in.
  2. Select the Organization Administrator role from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
  3. Mouse over the My Certiport tab, and click on the drop-down for Vouchers.

Redeeming an Exam Voucher

Please take note of all exam administration policies found here. The exam must be taken at a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC). Please contact your desired CATC to schedule your exam and to ensure they are set up to administer it. Follow these instructions to take the exam:

  1. The testing center should verify your identity upon arrival, or at some point prior to actually sitting for the exam.
  2. The testing center proctor will launch the Certiport exam delivery software.
  3. If you have not previously registered with Certiport, click the Register button next to "New User" within the software and follow the instructions to create a new account. Once registered, you will enter your Certiport Username and Password into the exam delivery software to begin the process. It is recommended that you create your profile at and have your Username and Password ready prior to sitting for the exam.
  4. Once the exam has been selected, choose Payment Method on the confirmation page and enter your voucher number. If you have assigned a voucher to yourself, then this field will auto-populate.
  5. The proctor will verify that you have chosen the correct exam and that your voucher is valid.
  6. The proctor will enter their Username and Password.
  7. You are now ready to take your exam. The software will run you through a brief tutorial about how to navigate the features of the exam prior to the actual exam timer beginning.

If you pass the exam, you will receive a score report and a sectional analysis that can be printed at the testing center. You will also receive an email notification and instructions on accessing your digital transcript. An official certificate will be mailed to the address specified in your personal profile if the certification program is fulfilled by Certiport. If you are taking an MTA exam, fulfillment is handled by Microsoft and any issues regarding fulfillment must be resolved by contacting them directly.

If you fail the exam and your voucher included a retake, the retake code will automatically populate in the payment method field when you go to retake the test (as soon as the retake code has been generated). Retake vouchers expire 30 days after the first exam date. See the section above for all policies related to retake vouchers.

Assigning an Exam Voucher

Once you have a voucher, you may assign it to yourself. While not a requirement, doing so secures the voucher from being redeemed fraudulently.

  1. Log in to your Test Candidate Account at
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your voucher code into the field and click on Assign Voucher or License To Me. Once the voucher is assigned, you will be the only person who can use it.


How to find official certificate-holder logos for use on resumes and more:

Microsoft: Visit the private Microsoft Certification site to download your new logo. You will need your Live (Microsoft) account that has been associated with your Microsoft Certified ID in order to access this site. For steps on how to obtain your MC ID through Certiports systems please click on MC ID above.

Adobe/IC3/Autodesk: : Login to your Certiport Test Candidate account and click on the Download User Logos quicklink to accept the logo agreements and receive logos available for exams passed.

ACE Accreditation/College credit

For information on college credit associated to Certiports exams click here.

Accommodation of Disabilities

Certiport is committed to insuring that those persons with the desire to certify their proficiency in the use of computers should have the opportunity to do so. Please click here for more information and forms required to apply for accommodation of disabilities.


To access the Microsoft Certification Member Site you will need your Live (Microsoft) account info and your Microsoft Certified ID which is generated after registering to take Microsoft exams via your Certiport profile.

To obtain your MC ID in Certiport's systems please follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Certiport Test Candidate Account.
  2. Click on My Profile in top right hand corner.
  3. Click on the Programs tab.
  4. Directly across from the "Microsoft" header you will see the green "Edit registration data" link. Click Edit Registration Data and the Microsoft Registration page will open.
  5. The MC ID is listed in a field on the registration page as "Microsoft Certification ID#".

For any further assistance with the MCP site please contact Microsoft directly.

Note: A Microsoft Live account is something you must sign up for and manage separately from a Certiport account if you plan on taking Microsoft certifications.


Once logged in, click on My Profile in the top right hand corner

Forgot username/password

If you cannot remember your password please click on Forgot Password in the top right hand corner. You will be asked to enter your candidate username and answer your secret question. Then your password will be emailed to you at the address listed in your Test Candidate Profile.

If you cannot remember your candidate username please click here to contact us or one of our Certiport Authorized Partners and provide your candidate profile information (name, email address, mailing address, etc).

Becoming a proctor

In order for a user to be added as a Proctor, they must first accept the Proctor Agreement. This can be done during the registration process by selecting the proctoring purpose on the last screen. If a user did not select this purpose during registration, they can accept the agreement by following these instructions:

  1. Log in to your Test Candidate Account
  2. Click My Profile in the top-right corner
  3. Select the Roles tab
  4. Click Become a Proctor

To proctor for a Certiport Authorized Testing Center the Organization Administrator must associate you to the center and designate the user as a Proctor:

  1. Log in to the Certiport website as an Organization Administrator.
  2. Mouse over the Org Profile tab and click on the dropdown for Associations.
  3. Within the Find Users section, type in the Certiport Username of the person you want to associate to your CATC and click Submit.
  4. Verify that the Username is correct in the results displayed and click on the orange link for the Last Name to add them to the associations list above.
  5. Once they are in the associations list, you can then place a checkmark next to their name under the Proctor column.
  6. The user is now associated to your CATC and designated as a Proctor. They can now use their credentials to Proctor any certification exam administered via a Certiport delivery system/solution.

Exam Policies

As part of our ongoing effort to enhance the value of Certiport certification, certain security measures are in place to protect the integrity of the exams. Please familiarize yourself with the following policies including the Candidate Non-Disclosure Agreement, Retake Policies, and Security Procedures.

Challenging an Exam Item (Grievance Policy)

An important part of the certification exam development process is to review each exam question to ensure technical accuracy, clarity, relevance, and absence of ambiguity and bias. However, in the event you believe a particular exam item is not valid, you may request an evaluation of the item. Click here to learn how.

Exam Retake Policies

For the complete list of Exam Retake policies, click here.

Become a Microsoft Office Master

Achieving Master distinction gives you the power to market yourself as an expert of the most widely used business platform in the world. Companies pay Microsoft Office Specialists 12 percent more than their non-certified counterparts,* according to a recent study conducted by premier staffing firm, Robert Half International (RHI).

Click here for more information

Becoming an Instructor/MCT

Instructors have completed the rigors of our certification programs and are knowledgeable, qualified and authorized to provide certification training to others. Click here for more information.