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Once you've determined which certification is right for you, you're ready to create an account with Certiport.

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If you already have a Test Candidate Account, you may Login here.


The second thing you will want to do is locate a Certiport Authorized testing center in your area.

Click here to locate a Certiport Authorized Testing Center near you.

Once you have found a CATC you should then contact the Testing Center directly to confirm that they offer the exam(s) you wish to take, their prices and fees, set up a date and time to take the exam, and to find out what exam preparation resources/courses they offer.

For candidates outside the US please contact our Solution Provider company in your country for assistance in locating a Certiport Authorized Testing Center.


The cost of an exam may vary from center to center, so please contact your Certiport Authorized Testing Center before purchasing anything. If the CATC instructs you to bring your own voucher number you can purchase a voucher that is good at any center in the US by following the below instructions. For candidates outside the US please contact your testing center directly for prices or contact our Solution Provider company in your country here.

Purchasing an exam is simple. First you'll need to register through the link below. Once registered, you'll be directed to the MyCertiport page.

  • From the MyCertiport page you can access the Certiport online store through the Purchase an exam voucher button. Please take note some vouchers are also available with a retake option. Retake vouchers are not sold separately.

Proctor fee (testing center fee) applies when you take the exam so make sure to ask your Certiport Authorized Testing Center what they charge.

Once you have purchased your voucher you may assign it to yourself which secures the voucher from being redeemed fraudulently. Click here for instructions on how to Assign a Voucher.

*All vouchers must be redeemed prior to their expiration dates, without exception. For the complete list of voucher policies, click here.

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