Certiport Coverage


Computer Literacy thrives at SMC
By Dowagiac Daily News

June 29, 2009


Southwestern Michigan College's emphasis on computer literacy for not only students but also employees is gaining widespread recognition.

Since March 2007, SMC has required employees to become Certiport IC³ certified.

To date, 146 Southwestern Michigan College employees are now Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³) certified.

In a recent announcement from Certiport, SMC placed third in the global IC³ World Cup. Last year, the "Digital Roadrunners" placed fourth overall in the World Cup.

This year, SMC ranked third in the North, South and Central America division.

There are several ways to earn points in the competition.

Team participants may earn points by successfully completing IC³ exams (50 points each) and earn an additional 50 points for completing all three exams and becoming IC³ certified.

In a written statement, David Saedi, president and CEO of Certiport, said, "Southwestern Michigan College has recognized the vital role of computer and Internet skills play in preparing workers and students for the jobs of the 21st century.

"The global Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC³) standard insures the college's students and staff are prepared to compete in the new international employment landscape."

IC³ certification opens many doors for advancement in education and employment, as well as for other computer certification programs.

Recognized and respected as the global standard in digital literacy, IC³ certification validates that the student has acquired sufficient knowledge and skill to be computer savvy in today's business world.