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Certiprep Technical Requirements and Support

Certiprep Single User System Requirements

  • Windows Systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  • Display Settings:
    Lower Limit: 1024 x 768 dpi
    Upper Limit: 1600 x 1200 dpi (higher resolution display settings may affect color depth)
    Dual-monitor displays are not supported. If you use more than one monitor, you will need to disable all but the primary display.
  • Hard Disk Space: 3 MB
  • Internet Connection: High Speed required
  • Other: .NET 1.1 or later

Certiprep Network Version System Requirements

The network version of Certiprep is included as a part of iQsystem 6.2 and later. To view the system requirements for iQsystem, click here.

Certiprep FAQs

Q. What is installed on my machine when I run the installation for the Single User version of Certiprep?
A. The Single User version of Certiprep is hosted on a set of remote servers managed by Certiport. In order to access the Certiprep software on these servers, a client called the "2X ApplicationServer Client" must be installed on your desktop or laptop computer. The 2X client software takes less than 10 Mbytes of space on your computer's hard disk. The 2X client installation has been pre-configured to access Certiport's servers automatically whenever it is run.

Q. I purchased Certiprep (Single User version); can I use my license on more than one machine?
A. Yes. You will be prompted to enter your license key the first time you install Certiprep. That license is then assigned to you and will be recognized from any other computer running the Certiprep software until the license expires.

Q. I don't have a high speed Internet connection. Can I still use Certiprep?
A. Certiport recommends that you have an Internet connection providing at least 150Kbits per second of bandwidth. If you have a dial-up Internet connection, you may be able to connect to the Certiprep servers, but the application will not run smoothly at slower speeds, and you will have an unsatisfactory experience.

Q. Can I use my Certiprep (Single User version) in my school's computer lab?
A. Yes. If the lab already has Certiport's iQsystem software installed (version 6.2 or later), your previously activated Certiprep license will be recognized on lab machines. If the lab doesn't have iQsystem already installed, you will need to see if the lab will allow you to install your Certiprep software. Once the software is installed, any students with their own Certiprep keys may also use the software.

Q. My Next button is hidden (Single User version). How can I advance to the next question?
A. If your Windows task bar isn't set to Auto-hide, it may cover the buttons on the exam questions. In order to enable Auto-hide on your task bar, complete the following actions: Right-click an empty area of your task bar and select Properties. In the properties dialog box, place a check mark in the option for Auto-hide the Taskbar. Click OK. If you need to bring up your taskbar after this point, you will need to bring your mouse down to the bottom of your screen to make your task bar appear on the screen.

Q. If Certiprep is running remotely on a server, how can I print my Score Report and Study Guide at the end of the Practice Test?
A. When your score report and study guide are presented at the end of an exam, you will need to:

  1. Click File (at the top left of the screen).
  2. Click Print (the Print dialog box will be displayed).
  3. Select the 2X Universal Printer from the Printer Name drop-down list.
  4. Click OK in the Print dialog box.
  5. The version of the PDF you have been viewing up until this point has been on a remote Terminal Server Machine. Selecting to print to the 2x Universal Printer will generate a new copy of the PDF document, this time on your local machine.
  6. In the newly created PDF document, click File from the menu list.
  7. Click Save As.
  8. Rename the file something that you'll remember.
  9. Save it to your system desktop.
  10. From the system desktop, you will be able to open the PDF and print it using your local printer.

Q. Can I use more than one monitor when I am running Certiprep (Single User version)?
A.No. Dual-monitor mode is not supported with Certiprep (Single User version). You will need to disable dual monitors by doing the following:

For Windows Vista

  1. Right-click the system desktop and click Personalize.
  2. Click Display Settings.
  3. On the Display Settings configuration screen, click the monitor that represents your second monitor. Once you have selected it, remove the check mark from the option for Extend the desktop onto this monitor.
  4. Click OK, and then close the Personalization window.
For Windows XP
  1. Right-click the system desktop and click Properties.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. On the Display Settings configuration screen, click the monitor that represents your second monitor. Once you have selected it, remove the check mark from the option for Extend the desktop onto this monitor.
  4. Click OK.

Q. My company uses a Proxy Server to access the Internet. Will I need to change anything to make the 2X ApplicationServer Client work on my company's network?
A. Yes. Once the 2X ApplicationServer Client is installed on your computer, launch it. On the Toolbar, click the button labeled Farm Properties. Click the tab for Network Configuration, and enter your Proxy Server details. You will probably need to get the proper information from your network administrator.

Q.I have configured the 2X ApplicationServer Client so it uses my company's Proxy Server to access the Internet. Will I need to change this if I take my computer home and try to use the client from my personal network?
Yes. The Proxy Server settings will need to be disabled when you leave your company's network.

Q. I have a firewall installed on my computer. Will this be a problem?
A. Perhaps. Some firewalls, such as Windows Firewall, supplied with Windows XP and Vista will ask you if you want to allow the 2X ApplicationServer Client to use the network. Other software firewalls, by default, may not ask if you want to allow the communication. If this is the case, you may need to manually configure your firewall to allow the 2X ApplicationServer Client to use your network connection.

Troubleshooting Certiprep

My machine stopped working during the practice test.
If you were in the middle of a practice test, you can restart the same test by simply restarting Certiprep. The test will start at the same place you left off.

When I activated the product for the first time, I got an error message telling me that my license key has no more authorized uses.
Because you use your Certiport username and password to log in to the Certiprep software, it's easy to forget which ones to use if you have two login IDs. You will receive this error message when you have already logged in to Certiprep and activated your license under one Certiport ID, and then, the next time you log in, when you are asked to input your license key, you enter a different username and password than you did the first time. (The request for a license key will be your hint—you will only be asked to activate your license key once.) You will need to enter the first username and password that you associated with your license key the first time you logged in.

Technical Support

If you encounter a problem you cannot resolve, please contact Certiport Support.