Internet & Computing Benchmark

Internet & Computing Mentor

Certiport is pleased to announce two new tools that complete the pathway to digital literacy training and certification. The Internet & Computing Benchmark and Internet & Computing Mentor are comprehensive assessment tools, mapped to globally accepted digital literacy standards. These tools provide users with a robust new system to evaluate the level of digital literacy among individuals in community, academic and corporate settings.

The Internet & Computing Benchmark
The Internet & Computing Benchmark is designed to assess the skill level of citizens, students and employees. This powerful new tool enables educators, trainers and employers to identify the level of digital literacy in individuals, develop effective training programs, evaluate and demonstrate the success of those programs and fully prepare people to excel in their lives through the efficient use of technology.

The Internet & Computing Mentor
The Internet & Computing Mentor provides comprehensive reporting capabilities. The advanced tutoring functionality of the Internet & Computing Mentor enhances the digital learning experience for users by offering three levels of assistance. If a question is answered incorrectly, the system will graphically guide them in finding the correct answer. In addition, custom study guides – with the option to map to certified courseware – enable prescriptive/just-in-time learning.

The Mentor's custom reporting capabilities allow users to assess current status of skill sets, required remediation, skills progression and readiness to take certification. This suite of reporting provides economic development agencies, academic institutions and businesses with validated data for curriculum planning, resource readiness and allocation, year over year progress reports and detailed data for funding needs and Return on Investment analysis.