IC DAC – Addressing your needs

Many public administration offices, businesses, and private organizations have implemented Digital Administration Code (DAC) policies. With help of advanced information technology, these organizations are now implementing the mechanisms and procedures by permitting the 'transformation' of the paper documents in electronic (digital) sources. It has become increasingly important to automate the processing of information and all the necessary steps associated with it.

The new IC DAC training and certification program created by TESI Automazione, meets the growing importance that information technology is taking in this market segment at a global level. This program focuses on the improvement in efficiency and saving that the Digital Administration Code has produced.

IC DAC is focused on business professionals and public employees that wish to acquire skills on the computer technology needed to operate the passage of documental flows in digital form.

About IC DAC

IC DAC is a combination of theoretical principles, processes, rules based on technology tools for the electronic management of documentation flows. IC DAC can help in the efficiencies on all processes thus lowering administration costs for companies and governments.

It allows candidates to acquire and demonstrate knowledge, specific to safely use applications that enable:

  • Management of digital signatures
  • Conservation of replacement documents
  • Management of the certified email.
  • Retrieval and display of legally valid documents
  • Monitoring and traceability operations performed for the purpose of dematerialization and data retention

Each topic addresses specific areas of knowledge and skill. The exam consists of 35 questions. Candidates have 50 minutes to complete the exam. This exam is available in Italian.

IC DAC was developed by an international team of experts from various countries including European compliance directives on Digital Administration Code. IC DAC takes into account of the current Italian laws on Digital Administration Code.

This program was developed by TESI Automazione and is delivered by Certiport.

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For more information on IC DAC, please visit www.tesiautomazione.it/icdac.