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Fed Govt urged to develop ICT literacy policy


The Federal Government has been urged to make digital literacy the cornerstone of its national digital economy strategy.

In specific terms, the government must consider the creation and support of an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) digital literacy policy that will promote digital literacy as a basic skill required of all citizens, encourage institutional support of ICT digital literacy strategies in education, as well as enhance digital literacy opportunities in technological innovation and workforce readiness


Addressing journalists in Lagos, Chief Executive Officer, Commit Technology and Consult, an ICT services provider, Dr Niran Oyekale, said a policy that addresses digital literacy needs will assist in capturing the full opportunity for Nigeria and its citizens to competitively participate in a 21st century global economy with equal access to and use of advanced technologies.

Digital literacy and ICT education, Oyekale said, were critical to building of ICT capabilities and capacities for Nigerians; providing frameworks and strategies for socioeconomic development and for moving the country towards the realisation of Vision 20:2020.

He said: "Despite government's investments in the education sector, unemployment exists due to lack of requisite technology skills to match education with job market needs. Employers complain that graduates' skills are irrelevant to the demands of current jobs."

Speaking in the same vein, Vice President, Sales at Certiport, a US-based ICT standardisation firm and partner to Commit Technology, Mr Jan Day, said digital literacy eliminates unnecessary time and money wasted through incompetence and enhances an employee's efficiency, productivity, confidence and job satisfaction.

He said the firm, in partnership with Commit Technology, has introduced training programmes, one of which is the Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3), a fundamental tool for measuring proficiency in the latest key technologies for study, work and life; globally recognised as the test for digital literacy.

Project Manager at Commit, Mr Peter Anokwu, said IC3 is expected to produce a standardised digital literacy curriculum that will provide Nigerians basic set of skills that will enhance their personal and professional lives.