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iCritical Thinking

December 7, 2009


In response to employers' growing need for digitally literate workers and the corresponding need for educational institutions to prepare students with in demand, applied problem solving and technical skills, Educational Testing Service (ETS) and Certiport have developed the iCritical Thinking™ Certification powered by ETS.

The iCritical Thinking Certification features real-time, scenario-based tasks designed to measure a student's ability to navigate, critically evaluate, and analyze the wealth of information available through digital technology. In just under an hour, test takers demonstrate the capability to accomplish everyday tasks by effectively incorporating and integrating technology such as:

  • Web Use – E-mail, Instant Messaging, Bulletin Board Postings, Browser Use and Search Engines
  • Database Management – Data Searches and File Management
  • Software – Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentations and Graphics

When incorporated successfully, the outcomes-based exam supports incoming student evaluation and placement, student ICT literacy assessment, and curriculum development and deployment decisions. The iCritical Thinking Certification is designed and suitable for students from grade 10 through college, as well as teachers, employers, the adult workforce, and those seeking employment.

The program will be available to Certiport testing centers in English; other language versions will become available in subsequent releases.

For more information about iCritical Thinking Certification exam powered by ETS, visit www.certiport.com/icriticalthinking.