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September 1, 2009

Tech & Learning

GS3 is the newly updated IC³ (Internet and Computing Core Certification) exam certification. It consists of three modules covering Computer Fundamentals, Key Applications, and Living Online. Assessing the basic computer skills of teachers and students is extremely helpful. Teachers need increased technology skills in order to make assignments that require the use of technology. Students also need increased skills in the effective use of technology to demonstrate what they have learned.

PROS: The exams are thorough. They cover a wide range of situations teachers and students most likely would experience in a classroom setting. Anyone completing this certification can clearly show their competency in basic computing skills, making my job as a technology trainer easy because I have a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

CONS: A stronger feedback feature might be an improvement. It would benefit the test taker to have a report of proficiency, demonstrating their strong and weak areas. This would allow the individual to review material covering their weak areas and show improvement on subsequent attempts at the certification.

OVERALL EVALUATION: I was impressed with its ease of use. The questions were well thought out and presented a good cross-section of the basic situations in which an individual would be expected to be proficient in order to succeed in business or higher education. The decision to acquire the GS3 certification is based on individual needs; therefore, the teacher or student would make this a personal commitment. I would highly recommend making school computer labs available for administering the exams online.

Price: The three individual exams each cost about $30.