Registering as a New User

Use this page to assist in the creation of a Certiport User Account. An account is required for every Test Candidate who wishes to take an exam at a Certiport Authorized Testing Center (CATC). It is also the basis of additional roles and responsibilities for the administration of our certification exams.

Creating your User Account

Follow these steps to create a new profile at Certiport:

To download a detailed guide of this process as a PDF, please click here.

  1. From the Certiport homepage, click the Register link in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  2. Complete the registration process by entering the required information on each screen. The final step in the registration process allows you to Choose a Purpose for registering at This includes taking an exam, becoming a Proctor, or both.* By indicating your purpose(s) for registering, Certiport will create the necessary access rights and personalize your login. Read a brief description below of how to complete registration to have access to the following:

    • Test Candidate: Select the Take an exam or prepare for an exam option, and click the Next button. This action will register you as a Test Candidate and display a summary screen. Click the Finish button, and Certiport will automatically take you to your personalized Test Candidate page.

    • Proctor: Select the Register to become a Proctor option and click the Next button. Click the View Proctor Agreement button and Accept the proctor agreement. On the summary page, click Finish. Certiport will automatically take you to your personalized Proctor page.

  3. The username and password that you establish during the registration process are the only credentials you will need for the entire Certiport site, and will be the same credentials used when taking an actual certification exam.

Note: By clicking on the My Profile link at the top of the page when logged in, you can change your account password, email address, or adjust role information. Simply click Edit to make changes.

*Note: If you have selected more than one purpose, you will be asked to indicate a Default Role. When you log in, you will be immediately directed to the home page of your default role. Your default role can also be changed later by editing your Profile.